Tree burning from inside out

The Fire inside

I saw this image just now and it really symbolises to me how so many of us can be burning alive on the inside yet still look mostly whole on the outside.

I’ve done ALOT of work on and with myself over the last few years and no longer feel like there is this fire eating away at me from the inside out. All the hurt, trauma, drama, rejection, abandonment…. I can certainly connect with the symbolism of a fire burning inside. And not the good one that gets you inspired and pushes you forward.

Nope those nasty self defeating thoughts that I’m not enough, that if I try I might fail, that it’s too difficult, I don’t have time, that I’m so angry but not really sure why…

I must admit when I look back I barely recognise the person I used to be. I am now following my heart, doing what I love and making a difference in the life of others.

I’ve been to so many counsellors, psychologists, self help workshops and professional development, but you know what has shifted the most for me? Kinesiology.

I’ve seen a few different ones over the years and they have all unearth different things that have moved me forwards in one way or another.

Sometimes the shifts have been so subtle that I only see them when I look back. Then there have been other sessions that have totally split me open so that I can let out the gut wrenching pain and emotion that needed to be let out and dealt with.

Either way it’s been a journey that I am so greatful for. Without the good the bad and the ugly, I would not be who and where I am today.

I love being a kinesiologist. The benefits I have gained from balances for myself and my family never cease to amaze me and I am so blessed to be able to pay it forward to other people.

If you have a fire eating you up on the inside, is it time to deal with it so you can get on with being your best self, living a life you love, and feeling at peace within yourself?

Give kinesiology a go. It’s too amazing to put into words. Come and experience it for yourself.


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