Sharing the Love of Kinesiology

I was recently profiled on the some local Facebook Groups and have loved sharing my passion for Kinesiology with the broader community.

Here’s my story…

#Hello – Zoie Andrews

Where do you live? # Highfields

What town are you from?
I was born in Bundaberg and my husband Russell and I moved to Toowoomba in 1997. Just as I write this I realise it’s 20 years. Do we count as a local yet?

Your Business: @ My Best Self Kinesiology and Wellness. 

What does your day normally look like? 
5.30 getting up (well the alarm goes off) do some meditation, then up to get myself organised and ahead of the curve for the morning rush of getting the kids out of bed and ready for school, cooking breaky & making lunches. Workdays usually means a school run then off to work. Clinic days usually start at 8am getting ready for the first client of the day. I enjoy sitting down as a family to have dinner at the end of the day then tucking my youngest in with a story most nights. If there is any juice left in the tank I might try and get a bit of study done on my Diploma. 
Weekends when I’m not away at my classes for the weekend we enjoy chilling and doing stuff with the kids.

#PEOPLE Who most inspires you? (&why)
My kids inspire me. Every day. They are amazing, beautiful, kind hearted kids that have so much love to give. They are growing and changing every day and I love being a part of their journey. I think I learn more from them than I could ever teach them. Such a privilege being a parent

#PLACE What is your favourite place in TDD? (& why)

I love being at home. We have 1 ½ acres at Highfields with a swing seat to sit and take in the surrounds, a campfire in the back yard to just chill with the kids, cook sausages and marshmallows over the open fire. Out here without many streetlights we have a really good view of the stars too. Can’t beat it.

#EVENT What’s your favourite event in TDD? (& why)
I love all the markets and the opportunity to see and support so many people who are committed and passionate about their products and produce.

#FOOD Where do you love to eat in TDD? (& why)
I love Home Grown Health – the food there is amazing. The Staff are amazing and when I’m there I know that I’m surrounded by likeminded people who appreciate real food. I love meeting up with friends there as well. Such an inviting place to hang out and no hustle and bustle. It’s a great place to stop and catch up. When we can co-ordinate our schedules Russell and I sometimes go on a morning tea date after school drop off. We don’t get there often but really enjoy it when we do.

#BUSINESS Do you have a favourite TDD business? (& why)
Yuri 4×4 & Mechanical – Damien does an amazing job with both our vehicles for servicing. He really knows his stuff and always takes the time to let us know what he has done in each service and keeps an eye on things that will need attention in the next service or two. The Customer Service is amazing. Love those guys in there.

#good news story 
One of my clients had ongoing 7/10 pain 14 months after surgery on their shoulder. They were on regular pain medication, anti-inflammatories, using TENS machines and heat packs daily, had very restricted range of motion and were in pain to even hug their kids and use their arm for every day activities that we take for granted. The Surgeon was even lining them up for more surgery for the ‘frozen shoulder’.

After the first balance we had the pain reduced to 2/10 and an increase in the range of motion. After 2 more balances on the shoulder they have pretty much full range of motion, 0/10 pain and don’t have to grit their teeth to hug their kids. Even the Surgeon was impressed with the ‘unexplained’ improvements.

My client was so happy with the returned functionality of their arm & shoulder they were out in the rain using gardening tools – just because they could.

I love this work and being able to have a positive impact on the quality of life for my clients and help them be their BEST SELF. If you have a dicky shoulder or know someone who does – check out my promo for this month.

#hot tip

Often when we are in a stressful situation or trying to sort through something – a personal problem, emotional issue or even a problem at work we instinctively sit with our hand across our forehead. This is an emotional stress release hold and can be extremely beneficial for both defusing stress and processing information and emotions. So if you notice yourself doing this – give yourself a pat on the back – nice work. If not give it a try. It really is quite calming and assists your ability to process things more rationally.


Got a dicky Shoulder (or 2), tried massage? Doctor says its frozen shoulder and you’ll just have to live with it or get it operated on? Ladies – Have trouble doing up your bra? Kinesiology can usually assist with relieving the stress and imbalances in and around the shoulders to free up movement and reduce pain. For this month when you mention this post at booking for a Shoulder Balance you will be eligible for 2 x 90 minute sessions for only $120. That’s $20 off my already discounted rate for 2 sessions.

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