Kinesiology and Pregnancy

Do you want a more PREpared body and mind before baby?
Do you want a more REpared body and mind after baby?
Do you have a negative or stressful birth experience you would like to move on from?
Are you on a pregnancy roller coaster of emotions, hormones and want to get some balance back?
Are you struggling to adjust to your new or extended role as a Mum or Dad?

So many problems… Kinesiology has the solutions

During pregnancy there are changes in your body in all 3 elements of your wellness.

Nutritional/Chemical – our hormones change, nutritional needs change, things in your environment may need to change.

Emotional/Mental – emotional ‘stuff’ comes up and we may need to prepare ourselves mentally for what lies ahead. Clearing new & old stresses and traumas that are having a negative impact on you now will allow you and your baby to be less stressed for the birth and beyond.

Structural/Physical – our bodies change like no other time in your life during pregnancy. Then it needs to re-adjust again after your baby.

Kinesiology can gently support you in each of these elements and help you feel stronger and more empowered mentally and physically through your journey. When you body is in balance, you and your baby can be your BEST SELF.

If you would like a PREpared body & mind before and a REpaired body & mind after, contact me to arrange your private consultation.

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