I’ve been reminded today about being able to flow in the journey of life.

What does flow mean? 

Well, I kind of see it as the absence of resistance, reaction and judgement. 

So, if we are not doing those things what are we doing? 

Let’s start with reacting.  When we react to things and people around us, we are stepping into the other persons story or actions.  When we react to things, or behaviours we are giving them / it our power and control over us. 

When we are in flow we can choose, in that moment to respond and not react.  We can stay centred in our own power, observe the circumstances with objectivity and respond without an emotional reaction, allowing us to stay true to ourselves, and not buying into the other persons story, perspective or behaviour. 

What about resisting?  This one is big one for me.  When I resist something, doing something or being something, I look back and see how much energy I have drained just trying to hold ground against something that I either really need to be ‘adulting’ about or just get in and be in the space I need to be in, to flow with the situation.  So, I can choose, in each moment to resist – chew through a whole bunch of mental, emotional and physical energy in the process, or, flow.  Put my big girl pants on and just bloody do it.  Work in progress here, just sayin’.

Judgement – what can I say, I think we can all slip into this at some stage.  But, what would it be like if instead of applying our judgement – based on our values, experiences and expectations, to somebody else’s behaviours, actions, comments, beliefs….?  What if we could sit back, content and confident within our own beliefs and values and say ‘ok, that’s interesting….’ Not needing to have the other person be wrong or right, or us be wrong or right, just different, not needing to change them or ourselves.  I’m ok, you’re ok, and it’s ok to have a different perspective, belief, or values about what ever situation you find yourself in. 

Judgements are just our opinions based on our experiences. So just about anyone who has been in clinic with me would have heard my saying about opinions.  “Opinions are like Bum’s everyone’s got one, most of them stink”.  I’m just gonna leave that thought here.  You’re welcome.

When we are in flow we can move around, step over or just ignore the things that don’t matter or that have potential to block our path.  Much like a river flowing over rocks, around trees, and through narrowing and constricting spaces, all the while moving forwards. 

If you feel as though you might be stuck, reacting, resisting or anything else keeping you from flowing with your life instead of against it, maybe a Kinesiology balance can help you find the blocks and remove them, help you gain a better perspective and keep you flowing and moving forwards.

Keep being kind to yourself and flowing towards your best self.

Zoie Xx

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