I’ve been reminded today about being able to flow in the journey of life. What does flow mean?  Well, I kind of see it as the absence of resistance, reaction and judgement.  So, if we are not doing those things what are we doing?  Let’s start with reacting.  When we react to things and people …

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Kinesiology and Pregnancy

Do you want a more PREpared body and mind before baby?Do you want a more REpared body and mind after baby?Do you have a negative or stressful birth experience you would like to move on from?Are you on a pregnancy roller coaster of emotions, hormones and want to get some balance back?Are you struggling to …

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Balancing Babies

Ever felt powerless when your baby is in pain or distress and you don’t know why or what to do?Is your baby not sleeping well or generally unsettled? Are you worried about your baby or child’s health and vitality? Does your baby have reflux, or an upset tummy or bowels? Do you worry that something …

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